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Preschool Graduation-End of the Year Celebration

I can’t believe it is that time of year! Our last day of preschool will be this Thursday May 28th. We will be hosting a graduation and end of the year celebration on this day at Ewing Street Gym (across from Second Street School). This day will run the regular preschool hours but the students will be at Second Street School (SSS) and Ewing Gym.

Drop off is at 8am and will be at the small playground at Second Street School for the AM class. Buses will run the same but will be taking the students to Second Street School. Students will be served breakfast at Second Street School. The Ceremony will be at 10:15am at Ewing Street Gym. There will be cake provided.

For the PM session, drop off is at 12pm at Ewing Gym. The Ceremony will be from 12:15-12:45pm. Preschoolers will have lunch and cake. They will end the day at Second Street School at 3pm on the small playground. Bus and parents will pick up students at 3pm at the SSS playground.

Please have your child wear their classroom t-shirts to school this day. They will be wearing a blue cap and gown during the ceremony. Ones going on to Kindergarten will wear an orange stole.

We have enjoyed having your child this year!

Preschool Team


Just a few field trip reminders:

There will be NO bus transportation for pick up from to home to school on Thursday morning. There will be transportation for preschool students from ELA to the Science center and back to ELA. However, we will offer rides home from ELA if needed. Please contact your teacher if your child needs transportation home from ELA.

We are leaving at 8am and returning to ELA at 3:15pm. Make sure to be on time since the bus will be leaving and we have a schedule to follow. Please have your child on the playground by 7:45am so we can put their classroom t-shirts on before leaving. If they need to use the restroom please use the facilities downstairs by the cafeteria.

If you will be leaving your vehicle at ELA during the field trip please park next door at Wilkinson Street School.

Preschool Team

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Free preschool screenings June 8th


The Frankfort Early Learning Academy will be scheduling free preschool screenings for Monday, June 8th. This is a free opportunity to see if your child may qualify for free preschool services and get information about our preschool and daycare programs. Screenings take approximately 60 minutes or less and will provide parents with information about their child’s development across cognitive, motor, social-emotional and communication skills. Screenings are conducted by preschool teachers and speech therapists. Results are reviewed with parents after the screening is completed to discuss next steps.

Preschool is a great way for your three to four year old to gain early social and academic skills before kindergarten.

Call to schedule your screening appointment at 502-875-8661 and ask for Cara Doyle.

Early Learning Academy
959 Leestown Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

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Preparing for Kindergarten May 14th


Thursday May 14, 2015
Second Street School Library
506 West Second Street

All parents are welcome to attend a parent session this May. Preschool teachers and Kindergarten teachers will be there to answer questions about the upcoming year of Kindergarten. Parents will get information on how to help their child transition into Kindergarten and skills to work on over the summer. Childcare will be available. Please contact Cara Doyle at 875-8661 or for more information and to RSVP.

Below is the monthly message from KY Governor’s Office of Early Childhood:

The Building Blocks of Math

For children, learning math isn’t just about learning numbers. Shapes, music and words develop early math skills too. Sorting a basket of fruit into two groups of apples and oranges is a skill that prepares children for learning math later in life.

A child’s math ability in the preschool years through 5th grade is shaped by parent-child interactions. Talking to your child using numbers helps show that they are important. Children learn math can be used for many purposes from baking to shopping. There are lots of opportunities for you to speak in “number talk” with your child. Number talk can happen when counting out loud to 10 at the start of a game of hide and seek. For your preschooler, talking about sets of four or more items is better than smaller sets of one to three items. For example, instead of counting the number of strawberries on a plate one by one, you can say “There are eight strawberries on your plate.” Some skills that are helpful for your child to know before kindergarten are counting up to 30, sorting objects and counting sets of objects up to 10.

Teaching math shouldn’t feel like a quiz. For children, learning and fun go together. Music and movement activities are a natural way to introduce math to young children by teaching patterns. The classic nursery rhyme song “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” has a repetitive beat and the number of monkeys decreases every verse. It’s also fun for kids to jump along to. Shapes are another fun way to build math skills. Children usually sort objects into groups by color and shape. They learn to notice if things are the same or different. This skill of comparison is important for math later on. Try putting a handful of change on the table. Ask your child to sort them into groups. Help him or her put all the dimes together, pennies together or nickels together. It is not important for your child to know the coin name or value.

Did you know children have math milestones? As they grow, they learn ideas that become the building blocks of math. The milestones below are some common skills children develop at each stage. Every child develops at different speeds and ages. Use this as a guide to help build your child’s skills.

Ages 1 to 2
• Understand the idea
of “more” and enough.”
• Understand the words “one”
and “two” and can follow simple
directions like “take one.”
• Say number words in order but may mix
up higher numbers.
• Can match same-size shapes with each
• Stack three or more blocks together.
• Play with simple picture puzzle pieces.
• Explore quantity by filling
and spilling containers with
sand and water.

Age 3
• Three year
olds can tell you their
age and hold up fingers
to show the number.
• Can compare two different objects
side by side.
• Can describe the steps in a simple
routine like taking a bath( fill tub
with water first, add bubbles, etc.).

Age 4
• Recognize and name
shapes with different sizes.
• Can draw shapes from memory after
looking at it for several seconds.
• During second half of fourth year, some
children can name the days of the week,
months and seasons.
• By the end of the fourth year, some children
can measure an object by using other
smaller objects (measure the length of a
book using paper clips lined up end to
• Can count up to five items, some
can count to 10 and a few
can count to 20.

Age 5
• Can use
directional words
correctly in a sentence ( up,
down, front, back, under, behind,
• Look at different-sized containers of the same
shape and tell which holds more or less.
• Can sort a group of items by one or more
characteristics (sorting socks in the laundry).
• With help from an adult, they can understand
simple graphs and use the information to
answer a question (if looking at a bar graph
of common family pets, they can figure out
which one was the most popular pet).
• Given two numbers between one and
10, many can tell you

Visit for game and activity ideas for your preschooler

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Preschool is going to the Louisville Science Center!

On May 21st, we will be going on a field trip to the Louisville Science Center. We will leave school at 8:00am and return by 3:15pm. The cost of the trip is $7 for students and $7 for chaperones (this price includes the exhibits and a 3D movie).

The students will be provided a school lunch, however, breakfast will not be provided this day so please make sure they eat before they come. Also, parents will be responsible for their own lunch.

If you would like your child to attend the trip with us please fill out the bottom of this form Science Center field trip permission 5-2015 and return it by May 8th so we can have an accurate head count. The money will be due to us by May 18th to get the discounted price, and we will not take any money after that date. If you decide to pay the day of the trip, you will have to pay at the science center and will not receive the discounted price.

In addition, we have 68 total students going on this field trip and highly encourage parents/grandparents to consider being a chaperone.

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Kid Safety Day June 13th

Frankfort Regional Medical Center will be hosting its annual “Kid’s Safety Day” on
Saturday, June 13 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the back parking lot of the hospital.

Kid’s Safety Day, held annually in memory of Charlie Semones, is dedicated to increasing awareness of child safety issues. The event is free and features important safety education, free bicycle helmets and drawings for free bikes. Kids are encouraged to bring their bikes and ride our “Charlie’s Challenge” safety course.

Kid Safety Flyer 2015

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Open House for 2015-16 Preschool Registration


The Early Learning Academy will be hosting an open house night on May 7th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm for early registration for the 2015-16 school year.

All families are welcome to attend whether you are returning for next school year, newly registering or want to learn more about our program.

The following documents are helpful for new students:

*Birth Certificate
*Current Immunizations
*School Physical
*Eye Exam by an optometrist

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Picture Day will be May 4th

Lifetouch Preschool Portraits

Picture Day is Coming!

Monday, May 4


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Family Math Night at the Paul Sawyier Public Library

Don’t forget to join us tonight for our preschool family night from 5:30-7pm at the Paul Sawyier Public Library.  We will be giving parents information about beginning math skills and how to implement some strategies in the home.  We will have an informational talk and then break out into small group stations to do activities with families.  Goodie bags will be handed out and then we will enjoy a meal together.

We hope you can join us tonight!

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