Posted by: fispreschool | August 12, 2011

First Week of Preschool

It was so great to see returning preschoolers and new faces this past Monday!  So far preschool is off to a great start and the little ones seem to be adjusting well. 

Here are just a few ideas to help your preschooler transition well from home to school:

  • Make sure your child gets a good nights sleep. 
  • Get everything that you can ready the night before.  The less hectic a morning is for a child, the more relaxed they will be when coming to school and leaving their parent.
  • Have routines in place and prompt your child with signals to remind them of the transition.  Examples might be having a written out schedule that they help create.  Eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed, etc.
  • When dropping off your child.  Tell them good-bye and reassure them that you will be back later.  Do not linger when a child is upset.  This tends to increase their crying because they understand that the more they are upset, the more likely you are to stay.  Do not sneak out.  This will teach your child to be more fearful since they will always be wondering if you are going to suddenly disappear. 
  • Each child is different.  Some children will happily adjust the first day and tell you good-bye without being upset.  Other children may take as long as several weeks to transition to school without being upset.

This week was yellow week!  We worked on learning the routine at school and rules.  We read several books on going to school and school buses.  Preschoolers also learned about the letter A and the number 1. 

Please be patient with us while we are fine tuning our bus routes.  We had combined two runs in the middle of the day so we were running behind the first few days.  Please have your child ready to go so that we are not waiting a long time which puts the bus route further behind.  Thanks for your help!

Did you know that our school was in the Herald Leader?  There were even some pictures of preschoolers.  Here’s the link:


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