Posted by: fispreschool | December 17, 2012

Talking to your preschoolers about the recent events

Here is a message from Mr. Crowe about the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary:
As this event relates to FISD, i just wanted to let parents and guardians know that we are attempting to keep things as close to normal in the schools as possible. Some things that you need to know about our processes at the schools.
We will continue to lock all doors shortly after the start of the school day at each of the schools. After school starts, guests to the schools will need to be buzzed in at the front doors of the schools. Guests will be required to check in at the office and state your reasons for being there and get help, if needed.
Each school today had a visit from at least two FPD officers. The officers walked around the schools with building administrators to get a feel for the buildings and to point out possible problem areas should a lockdown event need to occur in the schools. We appreciate very much their help in providing this invaluable service.
I have advised principals to revisit their lockdown / emergency plans. If lockdown drills had not already been conducted this year, they are to do at least one this week.
I have advised staff that they are not to initiate a conversation on this topic with students. If students have an issue with what they have seen or heard, then they are to speak with a staff member one on one. If the situation warrants, they will be set up with a time to meet with one of the counselors in the District.
I would encourage you as a parent to speak with your kids as you see fit for them. Honestly, i have attempted to keep this situation away from my five and nine year olds. They just don’t need to be watching it and listening to it in my opinion. I have spoken about it at length with my 19 year old. The situations are different for obvious reasons.
Other Resources:  I pulled this from which is the national school psychologist organization.  Here are some tips for parents:

What Parents Can Do:

  1. Focus on your children over the week following the tragedy.  Tell them you love them and everything will be okay. Try to help them understand what has happened, keeping in mind their developmental level.
  2. Make time to talk with your children.  Remember if you do not talk to your children about this incident someone else will.  Take some time and determine what you wish to say.  (With preschoolers you may not need to say anything if you limit their exposure to coverage of the event.)
  3. Stay close to your children. Your physical presence will reassure them and give you the opportunity to monitor their reaction.  Many children will want actual physical contact.  Give plenty of hugs.  Let them sit close to you, and make sure to take extra time at bedtime to cuddle and to reassure them that they are loved and safe.
  4. Limit your child’s television viewing of these events.  If they must watch, watch with them for a brief time; then turn the set off.  Don’t sit mesmerized re-watching the same events over and over again.  (I don’t recommend any viewing for preschool age children.)
  5. Maintain a “normal” routine. To the extent possible stick to your family’s normal routine for dinner, homework, chores, bedtime, etc., but don’t be inflexible.  Children may have a hard time concentrating on schoolwork or falling asleep at night.
  6. Spend extra time reading or playing quiet games with your children before bed.  These activities are calming, foster a sense of closeness and security, and reinforce a sense of normalcy. Spend more time tucking them in.  Let them sleep with a light on if they ask for it.
  7. Safeguard your children’s physical health.  Stress can take a physical toll on children as well as adults.  Make sure your children get appropriate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.
  8. Consider praying or thinking hopeful thoughts for the victims and their families.  It may be a good time to take your children to your place of worship, write a poem, or draw a picture to help your child express their feelings and feel that they are somehow supporting the victims and their families.


  1. Thank-you for informing us about this. I am very glad to hear that FPD has come to the school and already implemented plans in place. I am also very happy to hear that there will be a lockdown drill this week. It is terrible to know that we even have to do this, but unfortunately that is what our society has come to. Thank-you for your swift attention to this.

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