Posted by: fispreschool | April 23, 2013

We are moving!


It is official! We will be moving our preschool and Wrap Around Daycare program to the former PUSH building on Leestown Lane. The move will be happening over the summer. Our plans will to be fully moved into the new building by the first week of July. The central office will be on the main floor along with the two preschool classrooms and the two Wrap Around Daycare rooms will be on the bottom floor. We will also try to have some kind of open house for parents to see the new building once we are moved over.

The building just received a deep cleaning several weeks ago and now we are moving on to painting rooms. The playground will be renovated some as well. I am excited about our program being in this child designed center. We will be working on a new name for the building so let me know if you have any suggestions! Letters will be going home this week with some possible names for our new center and families can vote on their favorite one. Frankfort Independent Schools will be included at the beginning of each name and Central office will be included on our main sign. Here are the options:

Frankfort Independent Schools

1. Early Learning Academy

2. Early Childhood Center

3. Early Childhood Development Center

You can email me ( or respond to this post with your vote as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Cara Doyle


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