Posted by: fispreschool | August 1, 2013

KY Govenor’s Office of Early Childhood Monthly Message on Language and Communication

untitledMonthly Message: Language and Communication

Help your child understand the world around them one piece at a time.

What does school readiness in Kentucky look like? Where can I find more resources about child development?

Ten Language & Communication markers of Kindergarten Readiness
1) Knows full name and is learning home address
2) Is learning to write his or her first and last name
3) Uses pictures to tell storiesand describes uses for objects
4) Speaks in five or six word sentences
5) Can respond to ‘how’ and ‘where’ questions
6) Demonstrates understanding of prepositions (in, on, over)
7) Tells what common things are made of and understands what opposites are
8) Follows three-step directions
9) Reads common words from a familiar environment
10) Points words out and emphasizes sounds

What is school readiness in Kentucky?
In Kentucky School Readiness means that a child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success.
Go online at to download the entire school readiness definition.

Where can I find more resources?
• Use the PBS Child Development Tracker for information on the stages of growth found at
• Learn more about your child’s development with the Developmental Timeline found at
•Download Kentucky Partnership’s Early Childhood Services guide at

How can families help their child?
• Read to your child every day. Encourage your child to read to you!
• Encourage your child to draw.
• Introduce new words
• Talk about the weather with your child. Is it sunny or cloudy? Hot or cold?
• Give your child something to write about.
• Encourage your child to write his/her name
• Make every moment a learning moment. Have conversations with your child every day about the world around them!

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