Posted by: fispreschool | September 24, 2013

Flu Vaccines will be offered tomorrow for Preschoolers

The Early Learning Academy will offer flu vaccines tomorrow for both sessions of preschool. The vaccine is free, but the health form that was sent home has to be completed if you would like your child to receive the vaccine.

The Franklin County Health Department will be providing influenza vaccinations at the Frankfort Early Learning Academy. This year, the vaccine will, again protect against both Seasonal influenza and H1N1 flu. There will be no cost for this vaccination to the preschoolers.

If your child is heatlhy, with NO chronic diseases, they may be given live, attenuated influenza vaccine – LAIV (NASAL SPRAY). LAIV (NASAL SPRAY) is recommended for healthy people, ages 2-49, and does not contain Thimerosal, latex or preservatives. Many children prefer not to receive an injection (shot). The nasal spray is an acceptable vaccination method and provides excellent protection. However, the injectable vaccine is available for those with chronic medical conditions.

Call me with any questions.

Cara Doyle


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