Posted by: fispreschool | October 3, 2013

Ready Rosie – prepare your child for school

Ready%20RosieI follow several early childhood blogs and came across this great parent resource that I am excited to share with our preschool parents! Texas has introduced a website for parents to go to and get activities to do with their children to engage them in learning. I have watched some of the videos and they are great activities that parents can do at home without going out and buying new materials. They give you real life examples of activities to do in your home, in the community, and in the car to teach your child vocabulary, math, and beginning literacy skills. You can sign up for a free trial where they send you tips through email and then videos of activities. I’m not sure what the cost is after this, but this looks like a really good resource and I encourage you to look at this. These resources fall right along with getting your child ready for Kindergarten and ready for learning.

Here’s the link:

Also, if you do get a chance to go to the site, please comment on the blog or let me know what you thought about this and if it’s something you would use. We are always looking for practical ways to get resources to you that are parent friendly.



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