Posted by: fispreschool | April 16, 2014

Ways to build fine motor skills at home


In preschool, we work on the underlying elements that support student’s future handwriting, like fine motor and spatial skills. Fine motor skills are the skills developed by using their hands and fingers. Spatial skills involve the process of having a picture in their head and manipulating it. In the classroom, fine motor skills and spatial awareness not only affect students’ handwriting, but also affect their later ability in math and reading. Students also need these skills for keyboarding for written production in older grades.

The more students are encouraged to enforce these skills at home, the more success they’ll have in the classroom.

Here are some activities for parents to do with their children at home to develop their fine motor and spatial skills.

Let them try to learn to zip and button their clothing
Use tongs or large tweezers to pick up items in a container. Ask how many items will fit in the container.
Let them use different mediums such as painting, drawing, and coloring
Use clothespins with letters on them, and have children form words by clipping clothespins on a surface.
Pop bubble wrap.
When reading together, let them turn the pages.
Use a hole punch to make confetti.
Use spray bottles filled with water to make letters on the sidewalk.
Hide small pennies in play dough.
Do a craft such as making necklaces with pipe cleaners and beads.
Encourage children to play on monkey bars.


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