Posted by: fispreschool | January 19, 2016

The Importance of Interactions During Reading


Did you know that reading with your child on a regular basis can increase their language development and help with early literacy skills?  I’m not talking about the concepts of print and actual reading just yet.  Although those skills are important for literacy development and they are learning these as you are reading to them, one of the first steps that begins as early as birth is language development.  Children need to know the vocabulary before they are actually starting to read.  This is why language development is so crucial.

A new study from the University of Iowa looked  at how mothers responded to their 12-month-olds during book reading, puppet play, and toy play. What researchers found is the babies made more speech-like sounds during reading than when playing with puppets or toys. They also discovered mothers were more responsive to these types of sounds while reading to their child than during the other activities.     You can read the full article here by clicking on the link:


A lot of research shows that book reading even to infants as young as six months of age is important to language outcomes.  It is never to early to start reading to your child!  If you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to make reading a part of your daily routine with your child.  Just the investment of 10-15 minutes a day can impact your child’s language and literacy development for a lifetime!

Click on the link below for more tips on reading to your preschooler:

Reading Rockets


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